March 31, 2015

Saudi TV: We Will Enjoy Torturing Yemeni Women and Children

At a certain point the conscience of the world will explode and people will demand the rulers of Saudi Arabia be brought before a world court to answer for their crimes against humanity and support for terrorism.

OK, maybe that's wishful-thinking.

When the heinous and barbaric Saudi kingdom does finally fall it will be a result of its own stupid actions and arrogant overreach. It's not a smart strategy to piss off your neighbours, and it's not a good thing when your only friends in the region are military dictators and Israel.

I have a lot of sympathy for Israel, and I hope they keep their state, but their leaders need to take a hard look in the mirror, and ask themselves if it is in their long-term interest to be associated with the worst kind of monsters in the Arab world. Arabs and Muslims will remain, but the Saudis will perish.

It's better to win over hearts and minds than torture women and children for fun like Saudi princes and clerics are currently doing in Yemen. They've picked up the worst traits of the IDF troops in Gaza.

Title: Saudi TV: We Will Enjoy Torturing Yemeni Women and Children. Source: IraqEnglish. Date Published: March 29, 2015.

March 30, 2015

Pakistan Wakes Up, Turns It Back On Saudi Wahhabi Fundamentalists Who Are Bombing Yemen To Gaza-Like Rubble

An excerpt from, "Pakistan to sit on the fence for now" Pakistan Today, March 31, 2015:
While the top civil and military leadership reiterates pledge for “supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia”, severe public and media pressure and lack of political support has however compelled the federal government to put off, at least for time being, its previous decision to send military troops to join allied forces against Yemeni rebels.

Rather than joining any of the warring factions, Pakistan has decided to play a role for mediation between both the parties through opening diplomatic channels with the international and Muslim states to help defuse the situation.
A well-placed source in the government told Pakistan Today that “immense public and media pressure” had compelled the federal government to put off, at least for time being, the troops dispatch for Yemen offensive.

“The government has been taken aback by the unprecedented public and media pressure against joining the Yemen war. Moreover, the meeting was briefed that the media pressure was so enormous that even the right-wing religious outfits were also reluctant in supporting the government in this regard,” the source added.

The source said that not only the civilian leadership was “shocked” over the public pressure but the Establishment also shared its feedback over the subject.
It's good to see sanity prevail in Pakistan---for now. Pakistan does not owe the Saudis anything. This was the responsible and logical move.

There are still a lot of balls up in the air. Pakistan's leadership could very well reverse their neutral stance in the future. But this is a positive step that should encourage the Saudis to step back from the brink in Yemen.

They've got their shots in on the Houthis. They got their "rah rah" moment. Now they feel big and strong. World-beaters, these Saudi princes. It's good. Let them get some pride back. But if they were smart they would end the airstrikes now before Yemen turns into another humanitarian disaster like Syria.

Former Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh: The Arab Spring Was a Zionist-Western Conspiracy (2014 Interview)

Saleh on the region-wide anarchy brought about by the Arab Spring:
"I was one of the rulers, but I hoped that they would give rise to someone who would function better than me and my government. But it brought nothing but anarchy, the disintegration of nations, the destruction of the infrastructure and the economy, and the deterioration of the army and security services. The Muslim Brotherhood entered the units of the army and security services with no training, qualifications, or organization. Anarchy! That is why I called it the Zionist Spring." - Former Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh.
This guy Saleh switches sides like there's no tomorrow. He was with America one day, Al-Qaeda the next. After he was deposed from office a few years ago he backed the Houthis to power, and when the Saudis were about to strike he offered to join them and stab the Houthis in the back. No wonder Yemen is a mess. This piece of shit has been running it into the ground for years.

Read this excerpt from, "Exclusive: Saleh offered Saudi Arabia anti-Houthi coup for immunity" Al Arabiya News Chanel, March 28, 2015:
The son of Ali Abdullah Saleh approached Saudi authorities two days before Operation “Decisive Storm” but his proposals were rejected.

Two days before Operation “Decisive Storm,” the son of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh approached Saudi authorities offering to turn against the Houthi militia in return for immunity for him and his father, Al Arabiya News Channel has learned.
This report may not be true. Al Arabiya is not trustworthy when it comes to reporting on Yemen, Syria, or anything really, but it's plausible given Saleh's track record. All these Arab dictators are the same except for Assad who actually stayed in his country and didn't sell out when the heat in the kitchen rose.

Title: Former Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh: The Arab Spring Was a Zionist-Western Conspiracy. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: December 1, 2014. Description:

March 29, 2015

Putting Sanctions On Saudi Arabia

Iraq invaded its neighbour Kuwait and the empire of the age came knocking, bringing the house down. 

Saudi Arabia invades its neighbour Yemen and nothing. No knock. Not even a note by the window.

A responsible, impartial, and consistent global cop, as Washington claims it is, would put sanctions on Saudi Arabia right about now.

If the U.S., Pakistan, Egypt, and other members of the coalition of failed states attacking Yemen were smart they would've cut ties with the senile Saudis years ago.

Saudi Arabia has been nothing but trouble for Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, the Middle East, and the world as a whole. It has spread extremism, Islamic supremacist theories, and intolerance through its network of schools and mosques in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and around the  world. And it has spread terrorism in places like Iraq and Syria.

Poor Yemenis kicking their asses will be sweet justice.

With the border with Yemen little more than 20 miles away, the trucks captured on a video distributed by the news agency Reuters also carried a message: Suggestions of a ground incursion into Yemen, which is in the throes of a Houthi rebel uprising, may be more than just talk.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt have both spoken about the possibility of putting boots on the ground before. And on Saturday, Yemeni Foreign Minister Riyadh Yaseen said he expected coalition troops to be in Yemen within days.

Saudi leaders have said that if troops do go in, they won't leave until they have degraded the Houthis' ability to do battle, CNN's Ian Lee reported. The Houthis are apt guerrillas. A fight on the ground could prove bloody and lengthy.

Houthi Official Khaled Al-Madani: Yemen Will Be the Graveyard of the Saudi Invaders

Title: Houthi Official Khaled Al-Madani: Yemen Will Be the Graveyard of the Saudi Invaders. Source: MEMRI TV. Date Published: March 28, 2015. Description:
In a speech delivered at a rally on March 26, 2015, Houthi official Khaled Al-Madani of the Supreme Revolutionary Council said: "The horn of Satan [i.e., Saudi Arabia] has hired mercenaries to attack Yemeni soil, but Yemen will become their graveyard." The crowds chanted "Death to America" and "Curses upon the Jews." The rally was broadcast on Mayadeen TV.
" The Yemeni people fear none but Allah. . . We do not want the blood of our Egyptian brothers to be shed, nor the blood of the Sudanese, of the Jordanians, or of the others. But whoever attacks us - Allah has permitted us to retaliate in kind. We say to the Egyptian people: Al-Sisi, who has, I'm sad to say, revealed himself to be a slave, a shoe worn on Saudi feet striding toward Yemen, is a despicable man. But the Egyptians are a great nation. We know for a fact that the people of Egypt, of Sudan, of Morocco, of Jordan, and all the people of the Arab and Islamic world do not support this conduct, and do not support their rulers, who have been bought by Saudi riyals." -  Houthi official Khaled Al-Madani.

The USrahelli Nuclear Winter Is Coming To The Middle East

Most polls show that the majority of the American people support the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Only a tiny, ideological fringe within the U.S. establishment, which is very close to Israel, wants a war.

You know what this means, right?

A new false flag in America to rally the American people against Iran and Islam is around the corner.

But the craziness and criminality won't end there.

The only two states crazy enough and powerful enough to use nuclear weapons against civilians are America and Israel.

When America used nukes the first time, it was just for kicks, to show off its God-like power to a frightened world, not for any real military reasons. And Israel has all the psychological reasons to fire off nukes. It is surrounded by enemies and it is constantly being deceived by irrational leaders who are filled with violent hatred for non-Jews, especially Palestinians and Muslims. The bomb is the silent gun in the room when Israel negotiates with its enemies, if at all.

Pakistan and North Korea are countries with nukes that we're told to fear. And, sure, they talk a good game when it comes to nuclear fear-mongering. "Indians be afraid, we have Jihadis and nukes, muhahahaha" says Pakistan. "South Koreans be very afraid, we are very crazy, America can't protect you" says North Korea.

But, at the end of the day, these are dysfunctional countries led by buffoons who have very low political and cultural appeal in the international community. On the day after any nuclear strike, even a limited one, they won't be able to withstand the international reaction to the use of nukes against their neighbours. Using nukes would be regime suicide for them.

America and Israel, on the other hand, can withstand international reactions and popular condemnations because they still have a decent amount of control over the mainstream world media. They can control the message. They are dominant states in the media sphere.

America and Israel believe they have the political and moral right to use nukes to stop what they call "threats" which are manufactured and exaggerated. They see themselves on the defensive, which is why the 9/11 false flag is so crucial to their narrative. Israel goes so far as to invoke the Holocaust when it bombs Palestinians back to the stone age. Using past trauma to justify military aggresssion is a trick in the bag that Israel will probably never stop to use.

There are also emotional and religious reasons why America and Israel feel they have the right to possess and use nukes. Israel literally believes it has God on its side, and America literally believes it is the world police. The leaders in Washington believe America is the only country with the global authority to fire off the nuclear gun. And when you challenge them on these points, that God does not pick winners and losers, and that there is no such thing as a world police in a rational world order, you don't get a logical response but hysteria, accusations, threats, etc.

Given their crazy belief system, America and Israel can justify the use of nukes to themselves and to the world. And they will make no apologies for it because they are culturally and psychologically wired that way. Zionists see themselves as the perennial victims and Americans are always the good guys. Victims and good guys never take responsibility for their actions and they never say sorry to those they injure.

What's even more disturbing is that America views itself in biblical and messianic terms. It is not a regular, secular, and normal country like Sweden or France. It calls itself the "exceptional" child of the human family, the light on the hill, not like those Chinese, Europeans, Russians and other nationalities. You don't become the world's only superpower without having a little crazy in you. And Israel is even more crazy. It views itself as the only country in the Middle East whose shit doesn't stink, as the "beacon of light" in a dark and barbaric region as Netanyahu told Congress earlier this month.

Both America and Israel believe they are above the laws that restrain other nations. They are deranged states with nukes, not reliable international actors. Pakistan and North Korea can go rogue but they also can be restrained easier. They are more rational because they are less powerful.

America and Israel, however, are less rational because they are more powerful. And not only do they have the power, but they also have the will to destroy the world, or at least a certain part of it that they don't like. And they're both crazy enough to use nukes in the future. If they can do 9/11 they can do anything.

Psychology, Not Gulf Security, Better Explains Saudi Arabia's Senseless Attack On Yemen

It is a mistake to play up the Saudi-Iranian regional rivalry. Comparing Iran to Saudi Arabia is like comparing America to Russia post-Soviet collapse. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran would be foolish to get in a war with each other for sectarian reasons. Saudi Arabia is wishing America takes the lead and bombs Iran. But, America will gain more from a deal with Iran than getting into a war that will be disastrous for both sides and the region as well.

A lot of scholarship has been produced that argues nations go to war for psychological reasons more so than for security reasons. The recent attack on Yemen by Saudi Arabia adds further credence to that argument.

If you read the official statements of Saudi officials you'll notice that they perceive the attack from the Houthis in Yemen as psychological in nature more than anything else. The Houthis were not about to invade Saudi Arabia anytime soon, and they had no reason for doing so in the future because they're not suicidal. They were busy consolidating their gains in Yemen.

In their statements, Saudi officials wrongly overlook the political independence of the Houthi movement and keep referring to Iran's regional ambitions and its rise. They complain that Iran is gaining control over the Arab world, which is not true. They genuinely seem emotionally hurt by Iran's claimed ascendance in the region and its possible acceptance into the international community following a nuclear deal with the United States and the other members of the P5+1.

Saudi Arabia has viewed America's growing relations with Iran only a little more rationally than Israel. It sees the uncertain developments in the region, including in its own backyard, and it is naturally responding from a position of hurt and a loss of pride. It has lost confidence in the U.S., and it perceives Iran as breathing down its neck, wrongly or rightly.

The ugly truth is that the people of Yemen and the nation of Yemen are being sacrificed because the Saudis are psychologically hurt. This is what the war is about, not some Sunni-Shia nonsense.

The fact that the Saudis are justifying their aggression against an Arab country by depicting it as a pawn of Iran when it clearly isn't is all we need to know about how much strategic thought they put into this military campaign. This is not the actions of a confident state. They will be ultimately unsuccessful because they're attacking Yemen from a position of psychological weakness. All the fighter jets and mercenaries in the world can't make up for that.


What is Saudi Arabia fighting for in Yemen? Officially, it is to restore a president to power that it views as legitimate. But it has also stated that it wants to put a stop to Iran's headway into Yemen and fight off the new Iranian empire.

The myth of a new Iranian empire that Saudi Arabia says it is fighting in Yemen is just stupid and baseless propaganda. This propaganda is mostly spread by ignorant right-wing neocons, ignorant right-wing Israelis, and ignorant Gulf rulers like Saudis. These guys are the biggest conspiracy theorists in the world.

They exaggerate Iran's power in Damascus, Baghdad, Beirut, and now Sana'a. They forget that six years ago there were popular protests across Iran in reaction to a controversial election, and that Iranians elected a moderate president in 2013 with a mandate to end sanctions and reintegrate Iran with the global economy. The age of empires is in the past.

Iran has gotten more involved in Iraq and Syria in the last couple of years because ISIS, which Saudi Arabia and the U.S. helped create, was at the gates of Baghdad and Damascus. The Iraqi central government requested Iran's assistance to get rid of ISIS, which it provided immediately. Ditto for Assad.

What was Iran supposed to do? Say no to its new friend Iraq? Say no to its long-time ally Assad? That would've been dishonourable, irresponsible, and stupid. Plus, letting ISIS establish a lawless Caliphate on the ruins of Iraq and Syria that features cannibals and child soldiers would be a big mistake. The people of these countries deserve better than perpetual war and terrorism.

There is no point in trying to convince Saudi Arabia that Iran is not building an empire. They've come to believe it, and they'll stick by their beliefs regardless if the evidence says otherwise. But it is not all their fault for believing this.

The leadership in Iran has been irresponsible by creating the general impression in the region and abroad, whether by purpose or by accident, that it is a regional hegemon with political and military influence in four Arab capitals stretching from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean.

If you ask the rulers of these four Arab capitals who is in charge they'll say they are in charge, not Iran, and they would be telling the truth. They're too proud and independent-minded to let Iran dictate anything to them. And Iran's leadership is not overbearing or bullying in its relations with its allies which is why it has been so successful in winning over people despite all the malicious propaganda that has been spread against them in the region for decades.

Maybe Saudi Arabia should try that approach in Yemen. It may find that people are more responsive to a respectful neighbour than an arrogant invader.